Velan's Accounts Receivables Service

Cash flow improvement is decisive for every organization as the need to present timely and accurate, bills to customers, follow up on outstanding invoices and facilitate quicker payments. Every business needs a billing and receivable management process that is capable of handling the complex needs of its business.

Velan Accounts Receivables process is designed to meet your unique needs and helps you in increased cash flow with improved customer service. Through accurate, consistent, and timely accounting, we help our customers in meeting their immediate working capital requirements.

Velan offers a wide range of accounts receivable services. You have the option to select all or part.

Accounts Receivables Business Functions

  • Sales order processing
  • Billing, invoice, follow ups and credit management
  • Receivables management
  • Debit/Credit note processing
  • Aging Report Preparation and Processing
  • Monthly AR Ledger Reconciliation

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